Cellphones Have Transformed our Lives

I will be focusing on cell phones in my next paper. Ever since their conception, phones have been an integral part of society as businessmen and families could instantaneously communicate across the globe. However, all of these calls required that each party had access to a phone and that one party knew the exact phone that other would be at. If that phone wasn’t a home phone, this would also require a coordination as to when the call would take place. Communication on phones was incredibly convenient, but it was not nearly as simply as it is today.

Cell phones, unlike land lines, are always with the person and no coordination is required to call one another; we can just push a button and hear their voice. Initially not everyone had a cell phone, but it didn’t take long until everyone and their grandparents had a cell phone. Since practically everyone had constant access to one, people could be reached at a moments notice and planning calls was no longer required. Before cell phones, if you had agreed to meet a friend at a specific place and time, you would be there on time. Now, people can simply call and let them know that they may be running late or to cancel at the last minute. It is also interesting to see how much more often people can and do communicate due to cell phones. Being in college, I no longer see my parents on a daily basis like I used to, but they are no more than a phone call away. Whether they call me to catch up or I call them needing some laundry advice, I know that I can call them from anywhere at anytime no matter where they may be. Cell phones transformed what used to be an instantaneous connection to anywhere with a land line in the world into what is now an instantaneous connection to anywhere in the world.


3 thoughts on “Cellphones Have Transformed our Lives

  1. Cell phone has certainly changed our life! It is much more convenient to contact family and friends even when they are far away since the invention of cell phone! But I think there is an ethical dilemma that people tend to contact more by using cell phone, rather than focusing on the real communication between individuals.


  2. So much problems involving cellphones. Though accessible and convenient. Some claim its danger in terms of overuse and some ethical issues such as GPS tracking and as mentioned, absence of real-time communication. I think with cellphones, which i think has drastically changed the form of communication as a whole, the main problem we are facing is the lack of communication and much much privacy issue. Soon we will need a transformation on regulations and policies regarding cellphones. Great topic!


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