Self-Driving Cars, The Future of America?

For the next paper, I have changed my topic from ethical issues about the emerging cell phone technology to self-driving cars. This is a commonly emerging technology within most major car companies. However, these companies are only on the beginning of the path leading to a fully autonomous car as they take small steps by developing new technologies such as automated lane changing and self-parking; the car is still mainly driven and directed by the human driver and not a computer. Yet, the technological and search engine giant, Google, has made the most progress in developing a fully autonomous vehicle. Unlike their competitors, their vehicle is capable of traveling without any human driver present. But, what they oftentimes fail to mention is that their technology relies heavily upon hyper-detail environment mapping of the roads, traffic lights, stop signs, and more. Clearly there is a significant amount of work that must be done before such technologies will be released to the public; regardless, it is a technology that is potentially not too far down the road in our autonomous future.

If done properly, this technology could significantly, if not completely, reduce traffic incidents as the computer driven vehicles could communicate instantly between one another to prevent confusions that oftentimes lead to accidents. Also, the sensors and chips that these vehicles will heavily rely upon will be capable of analyzing and interpreting hazardous environments much quicker than a human and hopefully prevent any incidents that may have previously occurred due to the reaction times of humans. Programming a machine to be able to react perfectly in each and every situation it may encounter and define some sort of moral compass that it will abide by is going to be the largest challenge in making this technology a reality.


2 thoughts on “Self-Driving Cars, The Future of America?

  1. I agree with your opinion! I believe that self-driving car will take place of traditional cars in the future because it can be convenient and it can reduce accidents. However, isn’t that an ethical problem that people may lose the skill of driving in the future, thus leading to the extinction of this wonderful ability?


  2. Self-driving cars are revolutionizing the car industry, but I doubt the technology will completely take the place of traditional cars because people may feel uncomfortable not being in control.


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