Is Technology Enhancing or Infiltrating our Lives?

I cannot remember a time without a computer and the internet. To me, it has always and will always be an essential component of my life. It’s nothing special; it is just unlimited access to the complete collection of the knowledge of the world. Clearly this is something very special and groundbreaking, but since I have grown up with easy access to it all of my life it is just part of my life. That’s the difference between people who watch a technology evolve and those that always had access to it, one group can appreciate its power while the other takes it for granted. There are people that can remember the transition from the time before the computer/internet to now —a time where we cannot go for more than a few hours without having to check our email or update our Facebook status. This constant, instant connection to an online community was unimaginable and inconceivable back then and it was a difficult transition for the people that had to bridge the gap. My parents happened to work in the high-tech industry during its debut so it was a natural evolution of technology for them. They quickly noticed the increased efficiency in their work lives as the number of meetings a week decreased and the emails piled up in their inboxes. They could also feel more involved with their closest friends lives with emails full of pictures and updates.

If you had told people twenty years earlier about the computer they would told you that you were insane or that’s impossible. Yet, there it was and it happened again in twenty years from then when the smartphone would be invented and you could hold more computing power than the first computer in the palm of your hand. The smartphone is just that —a computer in the palm of your hand that will be what you make out of it. However, it is often argued that this constant virtual connection is making us less connected to reality as we spend more time on our devices and in our homes instead of connecting with those around us and explore the beautiful world we live in since we can do all of this from the comfort of our couch. These technologies are not only damaging our social skills, but they way that we experience the world.

Here is a video that expresses similar views towards how technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.


3 thoughts on “Is Technology Enhancing or Infiltrating our Lives?

  1. I am definitely standing on “Infiltrating” stand on this issue. The change, done by such innovative technology, is to the point where we can’t do much and to some, don’t even realize the issue as a whole. Drastic changes are to the point where the speed of innovation is way to extreme compare to speed we can process, which is causing great problems. Too much to process, you get a stomachache. Time for some Tums and chill 🙂


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